Services and Fees

Here is a list of our current services and fee structure for private pay patients (those not covered by insurance). For more information about each individual service please click the “Read More” link and check out our FAQ section.

Initial Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment     $105

During this session we will review of your current health concerns, diagnosis and treatment plan, acupuncture, and other modalities such as cupping, electric stimulation, tui na, gua sha (massage techniques), and nutritional counseling included as needed. The prices of herbs are not included. Approximately 90 Minutes*

Your first treatment will involve a comprehensive review of your current health concerns. We also will review your digestion, sleep, stress level and all components that may be contributing to your current state of health. After we have a good understanding of what is causing you concern and how acupuncture can help you gain more balance, we will begin the treatment. You will receive treatment on both sides of your body. We start treating your back first where you will lie on the massage table for about 15-20 minutes. Then we pull the needles and give you a light massage on you back and do cupping and or coining (see the FAQ for more information on this) to help break up any stress holding patterns in the muscles of your back. Then you roll over and we treat your front side to balance your internal energy. This is a comprehensive treatment style that addresses both your physical stresses and energetic imbalances.

Ongoing Acupuncture Treatments         $80

There are rare moments when one treatment is enough to return you body to balance. Usually it takes a series of treatments to resolve lifelong habits of stress and poor body posture. If your problem is acute and painful it is best to come in twice a week for a few weeks then weekly for a few more weeks to resolve the pain of your condition. Many patients come in regularly every month as a preventative measure to catch imbalances before they become disease. Allow about an hour for these sessions.*

*Depending on complexity or severity of the case some treatments may go over the scheduled treatment time, please let us know in advance if you need to be done by a certain time.

Half Treatments $45

Sometimes you just need a quick tune up or have just one area that needs treatment. If you are already our patient you can request a half treatment.

Patients with Insurance

Patients with insurance are encouraged to call our office to discuss the type of benefits your insurance offers. The types of insurance we accept are: American Specialty Health, Sharp, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Care, and more. We also accept Worker’s Compensation and Auto Accident Insurance. Unfortunately we do not accept Medical. Some Medicare Secondary Plans have acupuncture coverage, please give us a call to verify.

Student, Active Military, and Senior Citizen Discount

We offer a student discount to those currently attending school, active military discount, and a senior discount for those 65 years and older. The initial consultation and visit for acupuncture is $75 and follow up visits are $60

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your appointment without sufficient notice creates a loss situation for all of us. You aren’t getting the health support that you need, other patients are prevented from scheduling that treatment time, and the clinic loses the financial support that sustains it. Therefore, we do uphold a cancellation policy of $30 for no shows or those who cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment

The Ionizing Footbath with the Shumann Frequency
$40.00 for one session or a set of 10 footbaths for $300

The EB Ion Footbath helps to restore your body’s balance and energy level through exposure to an ion field. Each footbath session lasts from 18-23 minutes and includes a foot massage after the footbath. Read More